Angela Oguntala





Strategic Foresight & Design 



I work across futures studies and design in research & consulting. I work together with organizations to explore the opportunities and challenges of possible futures in order to create and manage change. My projects focus on building a flexible mindset to engage with alternatives and to develop visions, services and experiences that work towards desired futures.

My foresight work spans varied fields, having worked with the Danish film industry on alternative futures for fiction film, with Philips on healthcare futures, in developing neurotechnology consumer products, and in urban development in Panama.

I'm a frequent speaker at conferences and events on future-facing topics, including themes that explore the possible impacts of near-future technologies on culture and society - chosen in 2014 as a ‘Future Innovator’ by Ars Electronica & The United Nations ICT Agency / Hakuhodo.

I also lecture in strategic foresight and design. 

My recent TEDx talk can be found here.

Nationality: American
Location: Copenhagen


Work Sampling

Recent positions held and projects at the intersection of design and strategic foresight.  

Philips, healthcare futures–

Exploration into systemic and holistic healthcare futures for Philips. 

The danish film INSTITUTE–

Advising the Danish film industry on possible futures for Danish film, creating new narratives, and finding new ways of developing and distributing film.

urban development in panama–

Research exploration into alternative modes of social interaction and urban development within Panama City. 

head of the innovation lab, ehd–

Head of the Innovation Lab, managing a team of designers and anthropologists in designing products and services around emerging technologies.